Update to Evacuation of US Citizens from Southern Sudan

Send in the troops


Earlier today I wrote about the evacuation of US citizens from Juba, South Sudan. The US Embassy arranged for two charter flights for US citizens to depart Juba on July 14.

There are now reports that the US has deployed 47 troops to protect the US Embassy and assist in the evacuation of US citizens.    The troops are most likely from the US Marine Corps’ crisis-response force in Spain

There are no commercial flights in and out of Juba but charter flights continue to evacuate aid workers and other foreign citizens.

Will the US chartered flight will be able to land tomorrow or will they need US military aircraft to evacuate the US citizens?

Let me mention that the US embassy is evacuating all ‘non-essential” personnel. This means that the ‘essential’ personnel will remain at the embassy.  That is why the troops have the mission to protect the embassy.*


Stay safe and travel far


* I was one of the ‘essential’ personal who remained in Suva, Fiji in 2000 during a coup when the US Embassy evacuated ‘non-essential’ personal, including my family.


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