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The REAL ID Difficulty Continues

I told you so.


More on the Problem  

On September 19th, I wrote about REAL ID, enhanced driver’s licenses/IDs and how they could affect your ability to go through TSA security for domestic flights.

At the bottom of this posting is a sampling of the many recent articles about how many travelers will not be able to use their driver’s license next year to go through TSA security.

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Travel and REAL ID

Will your driver’s license still be an acceptable form of ID for airport security? 


Strictly speaking, this topic only touches upon international travel. It is about travel and the documents required to get through TSA airport security.

The majority of people use their state issued driver’s license when they go through airport security.  As of January 1, 2016, many of you will no longer be able to use your driver’s license.  Here is why.

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